3 Big Tips for Attending FIT


1939874_644928732221039_2037037933_nThe moment I received my acceptance letter from FIT ( on my 18th birthday!), I knew that there was no other place that I wanted to go. However, there are a lot of things that I learned during my year as an Advertising and Marketing Communications student.

1. Your Major: FIT is great if you know EXACTLY what you want to do.

I learned the hard way that you truly apply for your major NOT the school itself. At FIT I didn’t have much room to experiment with other classes and interests, I mean, isn’t that one of the perks of going to college? One you are applied to a specific major, your academic advisor has all of your classes pre-picked for you except for a few of your general education and elective classes. That’s IT. 3/4 of your classes will be pre-picked for you. My advisor even told me that I shouldn’t bother trying to taking a French course during my first two years.

I wanted to be creative, I wanted to paint and draw and build a portfolio. I found out that there were only two creative classes in my major during the first two years and I exhausted them during my first semester. And ironically enough, they were my favorite classes. This is when I knew I needed to change majors. However, since FIT is such a selective school, I couldn’t get into the fine arts or communications design programs without a portfolio ready to hand in. Since my goal was to build a portfolio and to learn, that simply couldn’t happen for me which led me to studying online at home.

Despite my personal experience, I do have a few friends who have made it through their Bachelor’s degrees at FIT and they’re SO happy! So if FIT has the program for you and you have zero doubts or other considerations for majors or degrees, then definitely go for it!

2. Meal Plan or NAH

If you get forced into using the meal plan at FIT, there are some things you should know. The food court at FIT is glorified on every tour. Don’t listen to them, they don’t mean what they say. There are a few basic places that you can go for food. There’s the salad bar: it has the basics and nothing speial. One tip to change things up is to ask the grill cook for chicken for your salad. Then there’s the grill: serving eggs and breakfast sandwiches in the mornings and an assortment of greasy sandwhiches, quesadillas, and fries the rest of the day. There’s also the panini bar, which in my second semester was my go-to for a sandwich on the healthier side with fresh veggies.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.43.06 PM.png


There’s also a pizza section which actually has pretty good pizza (especially the spinach and fresh mozzarella). The final option is a “Chef’s choice” station where the meal available changes every day. They only began to add cool “cultural” options towards the end of the year when they added a cook to make stir-fry. FYI: there is ALWAYS some sort of tofu masala that never looks appetizing. EW. There aren’t many options for vegetarians, let alone vegans.The dining hall offers two soups every day and I definitely recommend getting them during lunch when they’re fresh. During the dinner rush, there is hardly anything left but old tasting broth left in the giant soup bowl.

One of the things that made most students upset was the meal plan itself. The tour will probably rant and rave about their sushi station where chefs prepare fresh sushi all day long. Sure, they do, BUT it’s not included in the meal plan. Neither is anything in the refrigerators surrounding the walls of the dining hall (including various fruits and juices etc.)

3. Choosing a Dorm Hall

When I chose to live in Nagler Hall, I made the decision after seeing that each room had a lovely wooden partition so that each of the two roommates could have their own space. Well to my disappointment (at first), my room was directly to the right after exiting the elevator doors. This meant that I got the oddball room. My roommate and I got the largest room on the floor and it came with a different layout than all of the others. We didn’t have that partition. This is a pretty unique room that, trust me, if you get this room and prop your door open, everyone will want to come check it out. Unlike any of the other rooms, we had a little hallway which was kind of nice for privacy, and this led into more of an open-floor plan. This is great if you and your roommate are very open with each other, but it’s not ideal for those who really enjoy their privacy.

—> Click here for a dorm room tour video (sorry it’s bad quality)

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.43.21 PM.png


I had visited both Alumni and Co-ed halls and the Co-ed rooms that I saw were definitely nicer than those at Nagler. My friend Allie had a Co-ed room for two people and it was absolutely amazing. They had a large open floor plan with their beds on each side of their room and a small table in the center. They also had a bathroom to the left (as you walked in) and a kitchen to the right. It was perfect in my opinion and if I could do it all again I probably would have signed up for that option instead.


So if you’re about to head off for your freshman year at FIT, take my words of wisdom. FIT was definitely an amazing school and one of the best years of my life but there are definitely some things to be wary of. Especially the chicken sandwiches.






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