Finally a Visit to NYC

DSC_0928Dear NYC,

I know it’s been six months, but I finally was able to visit you for a few days and let me just say that a few days is not enough. Although I lost my voice and was sick with a cold, I still walked around to my favorite spots. You haven’t changed a bit.



Hello everyone! So earlier in December, my husband and I were able to make the trip to New York City for a few days! Since I lived there for my first year of college you can just imagine how excited I was.

That was until a few days before the trip I came down with a dreadful cold. Unfortunately this did delay the trip and further limited the days we could spend there but I was excited nonetheless.


My first afternoon there was spent relaxing after a 5hour drive and buying way too much food at Wholefoods before we cuddled up with a movie for the night.

The next day I spent my time wandering around to a few of my favorite spots from when I lived here. I walked down my old school street (27th and 7th) and headed down to 23rd street where I made my way to Chelsea Pier.




Since I had nothing but time on my hands, I decided to take a stroll along the High Line since it was on the way.



The High Line is AMAZING! Not only is it super unique (an old raised railroad turned into a park) but it also has great views!


From this section of the High Line I was able to grab a glimpse of the Chrysler Building as well as the Empire State Building.


I gotta say though, one of my favorite details of this raised park is the view of artwork you can see.






I feel a little bad for the people that live so close to the High Line but look how cute this little balcony is!





After wandering back and forth on the path for awhile, I decided to continue my walk to the park.





This is absolutely my favorite place to go. When I lived at FIT last year this was only a 15 minute walk and the journey was engraved in my brain. I would come here on sunny days and sit by the water reading a book and looking out at the skyline. Seriously one of my favorite spots.

I came home in time for a quick dinner at Chipotle with a friend before getting ready for the Salesforce Christmas Party with my man.



(Dress: Express            Heels: DSW)

The next day Joey had the day off so we walked up 5th Avenue to check out the tree at Rockefeller Center. The day was so warm that we couldn’t even keep our coats on!



(Thank you, my love, for the pictures!)

Then we headed to a store that I had passed a million times but never took the time to check out: the Nintendo World store.

I loved it there! However, it was packed so we didn’t end up buying anything but we did have fun browsing for a little while. (I was stuck in the Legend of Zelda section for a while.)



Then I was finally able to hang out with some other friends that I hadn’t seen in so many months and we headed home. The 5 hour drive wasn’t too bad and our cat Belle was more than happy to see us home.


Two and a half days is never enough in NYC, but it felt as good as ever to be there.

Have a great day everyone!





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