A Cheap Way to Bring Home the Christmas Spirit

So as newlyweds, we didn’t have any sort of decorations for this year’s Christmas. We watched as others put up trees, garland, and lights on their houses. Throughout the entirety of December, with our neighborhood covered in lights while ours had none, I felt like the Christmas spirit was missing; but it was worth it in the long run.


We decided early on that we would do all of our Christmas-related decor shopping the day after Christmas, and that’s exactly what we did. It was such an amazingly brilliant idea (kuddos to my husband) and we were able to get so much for a fraction of the price!

Everything Christmas related at Walmart was at a minimum of 50% off! I originally hoped that we could stop at Walmart and Big Lots but there were so many things at Walmart that we didn’t even need to head to another store!

We were able to get a beautiful, easy to put together, 7-foot, pre-lit tree that was beautifully adorned with red berries and pinecones all over. And just like everything else, we got it extremely cheap! To go with the tree we got a super cute, large, tree skirt with a red cardinal on it (our cat never left this spot). We also were able to get a wonderful set of 56 shatterproof ornaments to hang on it but we didn’t stop there.


We got tons of lights for inside and outside with many extension cords to go with them. I got fake flowers and bows to fill up my vases. We were even able to get large 3-wick candles for half off! Granted they were scents like pine and cinnamon but who doesn’t want their house to smell like that through the holiday season?! What’s even better is that I was able to get a perfect centerpiece candle-holder for them.

We got these adorable matching mugs from my mom for Christmas!

We may not have a fireplace or anything right now but I did buy a huge string of garland for next year because who knows, maybe we’ll have a larger place by then.

Although we may have looked a little silly putting up a Christmas tree and other decorations up the day after Christmas, it did help to lift our spirits and truly make our home feel cozy for a week or so (before we got sick of the cat knocking the berries off of the lower branches).


So if its your first apartment, or just the first time you’re buying your own Christmas/holiday decor, I would definitely wait until boxing day. It is a little tough, I’ll admit, watching as other’s decorate their homes the entire month but it’s completely worth the wait.

Happy decorating!






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