San Francisco: Pier 39




My husband and I travel to San Francisco quite often at this point but we never really do the touristy things. That was until this last trip we took. We were in San Francisco the week before Christmas and decided to use our free weekend before heading back to check out Pier 39. Pier 39 is basically the tourist center of San Fran. As a former NYC dweller, it’s as if the city of San Francisco decided to put Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park in one spot to separate all of the tourists from the main, busy, city.

Our first day of exploring was great! We started off by stopping at an amazing crêperie to have brunch. I, of course, decided to make it a super weird combination by ordering a dessert crêpe (Nutella and strawberry), a latte, and garlic fries. They just smelled too good not to order! Needless to say, I smelled of garlic for awhile after that.



After this we walked around and under many boardwalks, and happened to stumble upon a hilarious two-man circus act! Not only were they witty, but they were actually really talented.DSC_1135


The boardwalks also had an amazing view of the water and the Golden Gate bridge!


(Joey was taking the pictures behind his back as he was walking)




After watching them for a few minutes (laughing the whole time) we decided to keep walking around and visiting the shops.

As Joey and I are both left-handed, this store definitely caught our eye.



I’ve been reading LOADS of fantasy books on Wattpad lately and was immediately drawn to these intricate figurines. Aren’t they lovely?



We didn’t stick around for too long as it got very crowded and we decided to head off and sign up for a whale watching tour!

As they didn’t have any more scheduled for the day, we signed up for the following morning (bright and early!) to go on our adventure.

After this we headed to In-and-Out Burger, a must while you’re in San Fran, but be prepared for a wait.

We tried to see if there were any fun Segway tours or anything but they were very overpriced so we said goodbye to the Morgan Freeman figure (advertising for Madam Tussaud’s) and headed back to the hotel.




If you’re ever in San Francisco, be sure to check out Pier 39! There are so many cute shops and street performers but keep in mind that it will probably be a bit packed as it is the tourist center of the city.

Happy traveling!





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