Ice Skating in Ottawa

Back in February, my lovely sister-in-law and I made the trip up to Ottawa for her 15th birthday! My father-in-law drove us and it took about 3 hours of me slaying them at road trip games to get to our hotel. Once we got there we were surprised with an amazing suite  upgrade with a great view of the city (thanks to my hubby’s hotel membership)! Also, we had access to the mall from the third floor of the building, which was a plus.

The highlight of the trip was definitely being able to go ice skating on the Rideau Canal that runs through the city (bundled in lots of layers of course).


I absolutely love ice skating and there were so many aspects of this skating experience that I loved so much.

  1. The atmosphere was friendly and laid back. Whenever you go skating in an indoor rink, everyone seems to be rushing to get in as much fun and skating in the two hours or so that they have there. Everyone here was so laid back! Skating and talking, laughing, some even had groceries with them! It just seemed normal to stop by and enjoy a relaxing skate for a few minutes.
  2.  It was absolutely free. The only thing I had to pay for was to get my skates sharpened because they were way too dull for smooth skating.
  3.  The best part of all was that there were concession stands set up on the sides of the canal! Needless to say, I grabbed a hot, heaping pile of poutine as we got ready to head back to the hotel.

You may not know, but when I was in middle/high school, I studied a total of 7 years worth of French! (I skipped a year so took 7 years worth in 6 years) However, it’s obviously been awhile since I was able to practice and it was just lovely being able to see and hear the language again from the natives. It’s funny how seeing and hearing it again makes all of the information suddenly come back!

When I was about 3, my mom had me in figure skating and I stopped when I was 8. I regret this so much now that I can truly appreciate the art of figure skating. I was 8 and just “didn’t like it”. Silly me.


I mean just look at that smug little grin over getting a medal.

But anyways, fast forward to 16 year old me and two of my younger brothers were in hockey so I was gifted a beautiful pair of hockey skates so I learned how to skate backwards and such and had a lot more time spent on the ice. My brother Austin’s dad even wanted me to join the co-ed team! I thought I would get destroyed on the ice so I said no thanks.

But now anytime I’m on the ice I never want to leave! Unfortunately though, a storm was coming in and it was getting quite cold so we didn’t spend too much time skating but I enjoyed it nonetheless.





Chapped lips, rosy cheeks, and hair full of snow is always how winter should go.


The architecture around this area was beautiful as well! I didn’t even have to leave the canal to capture some nice views of the buildings.


What do you guys like to do in the winter? Have you guys ever skated here? I’d love to go again someday and stay for longer! Enjoy your day!

Also, here’s a pic of me hugging a pine tree. It just smelled too nice.








2 thoughts on “Ice Skating in Ottawa

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! I live in the tropics so winter sports are really not my thing – but I really love watching figure skating during the Winter Olympics! They’re just so graceful, like gymnasts on ice! (I like watching artistic gym too haha) Always super envious of people who can skate!


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