Japanese Tea Garden

DSC_0511Today I find myself reflecting on a trip to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco from last summer since I’m crazily craving edamame, jasmine tea, and mochi.

This is the adorable mini tea restaurant.

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco and want to go somewhere different, this place is truly a hidden gem (I say this because once you’re in the garden, it’s as if you’ve left San Fran and travelled to Japan!). It’s located in the Golden Gate Park and can sometimes be quite busy so I would plan your trip accordingly.


Doesn’t it look like you just teleported to Japan?! Well, I wouldn’t truly know since I haven’t been there but it looks pretty darn cool if you ask me.



When you walk in, there are a few paths that run along a giant koi pond as well as through the garden. You can stop at the mini restaurant (with outdoor gazebo-type seating) and order anything from salt covered edamame to sweet mochi desserts.




The traditional Japanese architecture really impressed me and the colors were SO beautiful!! If it hadn’t started to rain, I think I could have stayed there all day just relaxing by the koi pond and sipping tea.


Just a quick post to show my favorite spot in San Fran šŸ™‚

Enjoy some Japanese food for me,






3 thoughts on “Japanese Tea Garden

      1. I’ve only been to Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano (for snowboarding). I liked the latter two better – Tokyo to me is not that different from NYC or London but there’s plenty to do in Tokyo too and tons of great food! it was easier than I thought it’d be to get around without speaking Japanese but in the rural areas that would be more of a problem. friends have raved about Nara (near Kyoto), Okinawa and Hokkaido too!


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