A Weekend Reunion at Bard

So this is finally a more recent post! This just happened a few weeks ago in comparison to most of my posts thus far which have happened months ago. Anyways, I was finally able to take a drive to go visit my best friend at her college a few hours away from my new home in PA (another blog post about that later).

She goes to Bard college and although it’s a regular campus university, it’s hidden away in the middle of the woods and next to a couple extremely cute towns. Definitely not your typical college town!

When I arrived, we did some catching up while we began baking a rustic blueberry & brie puff (you can find a recipe here). It sounded so delicious and we followed all of the instructions pretty perfectly except for one detail..

The cheese that she bought looked like brie but was in fact camembert!

For those that don’t know the difference between these fancy cheeses (like me) here’s a brief description I found online:

“Brie has a light, buttery scent and flavor with a salty finish. Camembert can be on the funkier side and smell earthy and barnyard-y like mushrooms or hay, with an intensely savory, umami flavor”


So basically they’re complete opposites! When we opened the cheese we realized that it smelled a bit funky but we had never really used brie for cooking so we thought it was normal. However, once we got around to tasting the finished product we realized how bad it was. Having just the sweet blueberries and pastry was fine, but not mixed with the cheese. Lesson learned.

Then we decided to take a little hiking adventure (which you can easily do on campus, how cool is that?)


The campus has a gorgeous view of the Hudson river and mountains!  Just look at it!

IMG_0106 Not to mention weird floating statues in the woods.

IMG_0163 And other cool art pieces hanging along the trail!

So we emerged from the trail for a few minutes to see one of the most beautiful mansions and garden I’ve ever seen. This was definitely my favorite spot.



We even saw some people here taking their prom pictures! What a romantic spot. I would totally plan a wedding in this adorable garden space. AHH! I can’t get enough of it!


This was our view from the mansion. Absolutely stunning.

Then we made our way back into the woods to find a cute little waterfall and swimming hole! Yes we jumped in. Yes it was freezing. Yes it was worth it. We even climbed up it afterwards!



It was nice to get warmed up with a hot shower afterwards before we headed into town to grab some dinner! (She also showed me some of the soundtrack to Hamilton on the way and it’s absolutely hilarious! I definitely suggest looking it up)

Once in the adorable town, we made our way to a Thai restaurant.



The spring rolls were literally the best ones I’ve ever had and the pad thai noodles were just. Mmmmm. Also it was my first time trying Thai iced tea and it is SOOO delicious! Of course, you have to have a bit of a sweet tooth to enjoy it but thankfully I happen to have one of those.

The town was dark once we finished dinner and we walked around a little bit seeing some cute sights before we got ice cream and headed home.


We stayed up and talked super late until our throats hurt from talking so much.

It was a wonderful reunion indeed.


Make time for your friends





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