My First Sephora Haul!

DSC_0324Yes! I finally took a trip to Sephora!

(Okay, this was a few months ago, but bear with me)

So you might know, or might not, that I had an awful experience with a makeup artist and trial run while preparing for my wedding. This led me to decide that I wanted to just do my makeup myself so that I could actually look like myself.

My acne medicine had been causing some dry patches on my skin and after a ton of research on best makeup for pale, acne prone, dry skin, this is what I left with!

(I’m also including a few products that I was gifted)

Also, now that it’s been a few months, I can truly share how I feel about each of the products.

Let’s start with the face:


Fresh Face Wash: Soy Face Cleanser. I love this stuff! Not only does it make your face feel super fresh, but you only need to use a little bit, it smells great, AND it removes makeup! It’s AMAZING!

Fresh Rose Face mask: This mask came with the face wash as my birthday gift from Sephora and it is so relaxing. It has a weird consistency compared to some of the masks that I have used in the past so it kind of took me by surprise but I did enjoy it. It wasn’t a super miraculous change after I washed it off, but my face did feel clean and soft, and I felt a little pampered with the little rose petal pieces inside.


Foundation: Makeup Forever HD

This is the foundation that was all across different forums for dry, acne prone skin, and it’s great! I do have to say though, at first it clung to my patchy areas but after getting into a habit of exfoliating, moisturizing, and using a hydrating primer, it looked flawless and is AMAZING! It’s not crazy coverage but it’s build able which is perfect because I can either have a toned down look, or work up to full coverage with one product.


Concealer: Naked Skin by Urban Decay

I have been using this stuff under my eyes a lot lately because I began volunteering and have to be out the door by 7:30am (I know I know, many people get up earlier but I’m not a morning person) so this helps me look a bit less like a zombie in the morning. This used to cling a little to dry spots under my eyes as well but once again, after exfoliating, hydrating, and using a primer, it works like a charm. Also I love the applicator (one of those sponge tipped ones) it’s so satisfying to me for some reason.


Cheekathon Kick  Up Your Cheeks Blush Kit by Benefit

This pallet is so great! I was star struck when I first saw it. I only wish now that they had been in cream form because my skin was not happy with powders when I bought it. Now that I went through a bit of a skin revolution, these are so wonderful and you only need a little on the brush to get a nice pigment on your skin! My personal favorites for blush are Coralista and Rockateur. I’m a huge fan of peachy shades since I’m so pale, and I love that the mauve rockateur shade is also a bit shimmery.

Sometimes I use more than one and I’ll mix Dandelion and Coralista or Rockateur and Coralista. I usually do this with the bronzers too so I can get an in-between shade.


From top to bottom these swatches are of: Rockateur, Dandelion, Coralista


From top to bottom these swatches are of: Hoola, Dallas, and the Tarte Muse cheek stain.


So this cheek stain was not in my original haul and I actually got it as a wedding gift from a friend who works in the cosmetic industry. I SO wish I had this on my wedding day! It’s so easy to apply, pigmented, SMELLS GOOD, and just glides across the skin. It almost feels hydrating and I just love it. This might be one of my favorite products ever of all time.


Highlighter: Becca

This was recommended to me by a Sephora employee since I wanted that dewy look but not ALL the time by getting dewy foundation, dewy concealer, etc. etc. It’s so nice! It’s super pigmented and a little goes a long way. I like to use it on my cheek bones, brow bone, and sometimes the inner corners of my eyes to make me look a little more awake.


Setting Powder: Tarte. I’ll be honest, I never ever use it. When I used the top one at first, trying to get used to creating my wedding makeup look, it dried my skin out and make it look more cakey (maybe I’m just doing it wrong) but I usually just skip this step and opt for a setting mist instead.


Now we can move on to my favorite: Eyes!


Liquid Eyeliner: Illamasqua

My mom gifted me this from one of her Ipsy packages (she’s not big on liquid eyeliner). I am SO happy with this! It goes on smoothly and stays on forever. It’s waterproof to say the least, and sometimes even a little difficult to get off with coconut oil but it comes off with a little work.


Mascara: Tarte – Lights, camera, LASHES!

This mascara is so great! I use it as my second coat and it really helps to define and elongate my lashes. The only downside is it’s not waterproof.


Last but not least, eyeshadow. This is a Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow pallet and although I haven’t used a ton of it, I do LOVE the shades and they’re nicely pigmented. My favorites are definitely the champagne/taupe shimmery shades. That’s what I’ve been opting for lately.


And that’s all I have to share today! Do any of you guys use these products? What are your favorite products to buy at Sephora?

Stay fabulous,




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