Flowers and Wildlife – Sunnyvale, CA

Ah, California. It’s been over a year since my last visit and I have missed you so!

This trip, however, was a little different in more ways than one.

During this trip, it was for business as usual but now my husband is going not as an employee, but as a business owner! We also were not directly in San Francisco but rather about an hour south so I got to explore a new area while we were there.DSC_0781

For the most part I spent the days relaxing by the pool and reading books in the sun. One day I spent a few hours photographing some flowers around the hotel area right after a morning rain.DSC_0476DSC_0480DSC_0515DSC_0528

Then a day or so later when it wasn’t raining and wasn’t too hot, I decided to walk 2 miles to the Bay Trail. The walk there wasn’t too bad aside from crazy intersections and going around construction areas but I definitely think that it was worth it.


I mean first of all, I passed the actual Yahoo! building along with seeing a Google campus in the distance. DSC_0583

Then it seemed almost out of nowhere the nature trail appeared. It was pretty funny actually, I was photographing some yellow flowers since they stood out from the scenery..DSC_0605

But when I looked closer almost every flower had large snails on them! DSC_0656DSC_0608

I couldn’t believe it! So many people walked past me, just continuing on their path but I stayed and watched the snails for quite some time. It was amazing how they held on so easily when these small stalked flowers were being whipped around by the breeze.


I continued along the path and got to a lookout point where I noticed many holes in the ground.


At first I was worried about venomous snakes (don’t get me wrong, I love snakes and they’re beautiful) but I just didn’t want any snakes I’m unfamiliar with popping out of holes and biting my ankles! Thankfully (I think) I found the owners to the little sand burrows. Every few minutes I’d hear rustling in the bushes and when I looked over there were tons of small lizards! It was so hard to photograph them as my favorite zoom lens had the lens cover jammed (it’s fixed now, thank the Lord). But looking back I’m glad I didn’t have it. Because otherwise I wouldn’t have had to patiently wait and sneak up on the lizards in order to get a good shot. This was both so fun and so frustrating! Sometimes just as I’d be in the perfect position, the lizard would run and hide again and I’d have to search for and sneak up on another lizard. DSC_0743.JPG

I mean just look at this little guy! He’s totally posing for me.

Anyways, I was able to see a few egrets and ducks as well, swimming and napping. I even saw a red-tailed hawk! I was so excited! However, this was when not having a zoom lens available really made me upset as it was flying quite high and my 50mm couldn’t quite capture all of the beautiful details. However, I was still really thankful and excited that I was able to see one at all!DSC_0709

And here we have a double date between a pair of ducks and turtles (egret is 5th wheel aw)
Here’s what I could capture of the hawk. It was beautiful! Just gliding over the hills.

The view of the mountains was amazing! I didn’t venture far from the original spot on the trail as I still had to walk 2 miles home but I did climb a little hill and take some pictures at a different view point. It made me a little sad to see so much junk and man made objects in the way of such a pretty view. I also took some time to read while I was here and while sitting on the bench I spoke with a woman who had lived in the area for 20 + years! She told me that the entire bay trail weaved in and out of the bay (as you can see below) and is around 10 miles long! Definitely glad I didn’t try to venture farther than I did. I probably would have gotten lost.DSC_0746DSC_0689

After staying for a few hours I decided it was time to head back to the hotel and grab dinner. I photographed a few flowers on the way home but mostly distracted myself from my tired feet by playing PokémonGO.DSC_0775

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Take time to admire the beauty God’s created in this world. It truly is amazing.



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