Trip to Africa – Day 1 in Cape Town

June 1, 2017


What a day! We got up bright and early (even before our alarm) got ready and hopped on the shuttle to the airport. Check-in + security was SO easy! All we had to do was remove our laptops. There was also hardly a line. Once that was settled, and we found our gate, we decided to find a place to eat. We found a brewery/restaurant in the airport and both ordered steak, fried egg, and chips. Everything was so delicious! I had a latte of course and didn’t even have to add any sugar to it. It was that good. Joey got a mocha per his usual.

Our flight to Cape Town was pretty uneventful. Once we landed we got our rental car and headed to the hotel. The drive was only 15-20 minutes and Joey did a great job driving a manual car on the opposite side of the road. We only stalled once!

IMG_5291 2

The hotel is great! We have a great view and a great room as well as access to a private lounge on the top floor that has free food, drinks, and an even better view! IMG_5321 2

We went up to get some appetizers and Joey took a few work calls. Once he was done we headed down to the V&A waterfront to find a place to have dinner. We ended up going to a restaurant called Karibu where we sat outside and enjoyed the view of the water (well, what we could see of it since it was dark already). Joey and I ended up sharing the meat sampler special where we were able to try ostrich, springbok, and crocodile thin slices which were basically RAW. The main course came and they included all of the same meats but in cooked cutlets with warthog, ram, eland, and a few others that I can’t remember. The warthog was definitely my favorite (sorry Pumbaa)  It was really interesting to see the ostrich cooked. It looks and tastes nothing like poultry! It actually looks like beef steak, or in this case a piece of fillet mignon. We also got two side dishes, one was cooked spinach with potatoes and the other was some sort of couscous. By the end of the meal I never wanted to look at a piece of meat again!

We were just about to leave the table after paying our bill when our waiter, Justin, called us back over as a South African a-capella group was headed our way. We watched and listened to a few interesting songs that we had no idea what they were saying before we left. We found some amazing Hagen-Dazs ice cream and Joey and I took a ride on the ferris wheel. It was nothing like the London Eye but it was still nice and romantic.



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