Trip to Africa – Travel

May 30, 2017

We are currently waiting for the first leg of our journey at Newark airport. Our flight isn’t until 5:46pm but we arrived here around 1:30 to be safe. Now we have full bellies and comfy seats while we wait.

May 31, 2017

IMG_5268 2
Joey took this of me at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport

I am currently finishing our 10.5hr flight from Amsterdam to Johannesburg. The Amsterdam airport was a nice place to spend a three hour layover. The first thing we did after finding our gate was use the massage chairs. They were very interesting in design; you were almost in your own little futuristic dome. The weirdest part to me was that they squeezed your legs a lot. Truth be told, it actually felt really nice to get the blood flowing again after our 6.5hr flight. Then we walked around a gift shop and discovered some of the trademarks of Holland/ the Netherlands. The merchandise focused on tulips, clogs, and windmills. They also had a TON of stroop waffles! I recently discovered this delicacy en route to California back in March. It had been our complimentary snack on the place and I’ve been searching for them ever since. They are basically a waffle/caramel chewy cookie. SO GOOD! I found out that they also come in chocolate but I stuck with buying a pack of the caramel ones… for now. Joey had a nice breakfast and I enjoyed a hazelnut latte as we waited for our flight. I also used the opportunity to pick up a few postcards for my family.


Our flight (Amsterdam – Johannesburg) has been fairly uneventful. We watched Passengers and La La Land (both very good movies) and we both slept a lot. I’m thankful that the reading app Wattpad is available on my phone without internet as I’ve been able to read quite a bit of the book “Heiress Queen”.

We happened to be seated next to a very sweet woman from Norway who is on her way to South Africa. to see her daughter. She told me that she has only been to the US once back in the 70s when her and her late husband were making a pitstop near Philadelphia. They were both working on an oil ship and could only adventure for one evening before leaving on the boat again. She very much wants to see New York City so I encouraged her to do so. She tried to teach Joey and I how to say “How are you?” in Norwegian but it is a very tough language.

May 31 continued…

We are in our hotel! We just got settled in and it’s about 11pm here. Thankfully we are only about an 8-10 minute drive from the airport and our flight to Cape Town isn’t until 10:40am. It’s also only a 2hr flight which will be a breeze after the 20hrs of travel we’ve already done. I’m a bit confused though because when I booked the flight it was only supposed to be 1.5hrs at max. Oh well. I’m just thankful that so far all of our flights and hotel has been pleasant.

Customs didn’t take long at all. The man scanned my passport and asked how old I am.. that’s it! After that, however, we were greeted by a flock of taxi drivers that reminded me of the annoying, eager, seagulls from Finding Nemo. Everyone was looking to make money off of us. A man at the airport (who I thought worked there) escorted us to the bus terminal so that we could use the hotel shuttle. At first I thought he was just being kind and doing his job but alas he too asked for a tip. By the time we got to the hotel, we stopped allowing anyone to touch our luggage/ give us a hand as they were only looking for a handout.

Anyways, our hotel is really nice! There’s lots of space, 2 queen beds, 2 desks, a tea and coffee station (yes!!), stand up shower, a wonderfully deep bathtub, and a great view! I’m not feeling too tired at the moment so I might shower all of the travel grime away and relax in the tub. Unfortunately Joey is feeling a bit nauseas despite taking motion sickness meds on the plane. The majority of our travel is done so it’s almost time to just relax and have fun!





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