Trip to Africa – Day 2 in Cape Town

June 2, 2017

Today was AMAZING! Also this is probably my longest journal entry yet.

So let me back track a little before I forget. Last night when we got back to the hotel, we played a few rounds of Mario Kart before bed. After a few races, Joey had to take some work calls until 2am! So between 11-2 I did some research on possible road trips to go down the Cape Peninsula as well as wrote in my journal. We also ended up ordering room service around 1am. It was awesome and surprisingly cheap.


Again, I got a latte and Joey got a mocha. He also ordered a burger (which came with amazing fries), Oreo cheesecake (which I ate), and creme brûlée. I didn’t get to try the creme brûlée before he polished it off; I probably should ask for a bite next time.

We both ended up sleeping like rocks, only waking up to an alarm at 8 which had been set for our flight the Cape Town the morning prior. I didn’t mind though because as I went to turn it off, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise over the cape and the mist over the ocean which was stunning.

We woke up at 9, got ready, and headed downstairs for breakfast. We just had a typical buffet style breakfast but it was very good. Then we headed to the hotel concierge to grab tickets for the cable car to Table Mountain. We grabbed our camera, our sunglasses, and swimsuits and drove to the mountain. It was only a 10-15 minute drive from the hotel and we drove through some very cute areas of the city. We were very fortunate to find parking not far from the cable car entrance. We got into the cable car and headed to the top of the mountain! It was a pretty quick and interesting ride as the floor rotated 360


degrees so everyone would be able to enjoy the views. Once we were at the top, we took tons of pictures and explore a few trails. I realized very quickly that it was not a good idea to wear a dress to the top of a mountain. My logic for wearing a dress was that it was going to be the hottest day of our visit to the cape so I figured wearing a dress would be the most comfortable and practical. I was wrong. It was very windy so I ended up tying my cardigan around my waist to help keep my skirt from flying up and flashing everyone. I still had to hold down the front a few times but I managed.


We saw some pretty spectacular views as well as some wild dassies (or Rock hyrax) which were very cute. Before we left I tried a strawberry daiquiri and we bought some honeycomb treats to try.

From here we headed to Clifton beach. We didn’t go swimming but I put my feet in the water and it was very cold. There was also tons of kelp on the beach and a few washed up jellyfish. We saw a bunch of super nice houses as well as a new perspective of the mountains as we enjoyed watching the waves crash against the rocks.

After this stop, we decided to go to Chapman’s Drive since it was close. This is considered one of the world’s most scenic roads. We looked over the itinerary for the possible road trip that I found online and just decided to make it our own. Chapman’s Peak Drive was very scenic and beautiful with views of the mountains and beaches. Once we finished the scenic road, we started making our way towards the Cape of Good Hope. About half way there I saw a sign for Simon’s Town and realized we could make a quick stop to Boulder beach since it was on the way.


We parked and looked at quite a few beautiful handmade vendor areas along the road. While we were browsing there was a woman singing with (who I’m assuming are) her two children and it was beautiful. They harmonized and sang different parts over one another and I loved it.

We made our way down to Boulder Beach and saw the most adorable African penguins (which are endangered). It was really interesting because some had quite large chicks while others were still caring for their eggs.

DSC_0753There was a dassie here and even a cute weasel that we hypothesized to by attempting to find eggs to eat. I think the most adorable part of this was seeing the penguins waddling in the sand and attempting to jump over sticks in their path. This little boardwalk/viewing area had a few benches and it was just such a nice spot to sit and relax as we watched the waves and the penguins.


Once we were done we headed back to the car. On the way a little boy was singing an interesting version of “You are My Sunshine” and was using a rain stick. Just a small detail that I thought was cute and interesting. From here we kept driving to the Cape of Good Hope. We saw tons of signs warning us about baboons but unfortunately we didn’t see any. We also searched for zebras but didn’t have any luck.



Just a minute or two from the Cape of Good hope, there were a ton of wild ostriches! They were so awesome and huge! They were right next to the road as well as in the road so we were able to stop and take some pictures as well as wait for a few to cross the road before we continued to our destination. Once we reached the cape, we spent a bit of time watching the waves crash over the rocks. These waves were huge and magnificent, I just couldn’t stop watching.

DSC_0827On the way back we watched the sunset and got some pictures of a couple of wild elands which are a type of antelope. Later down the road once the sun had set we also saw some bontebok (I think) which are also antelope. I didn’t realize there were so many species of antelope!


From here we were getting pretty hungry, around 6pm, so we headed to Kalk Bay on the way home and got fish n’ chips at one of the places that catches their fish fresh every day. We tried hake, yellowfin, snoek, and angelfish. The snoek and angelfish were definitely the best but it was interesting to try them all.

Once we got home, well to the hotel, we got dressed in our swimsuits and tried out the pool, hot tub, and sauna. While we were up there, Joey and I also booked a couple’s massage for the next day. It was very relaxing after a long, but exciting, day of adventuring.



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