Trip to Africa – Day 3 in Cape Town

June 3, 2017

Today was very relaxed, so there aren’t many photos from today. We knew that it would be rainy and dreary so we made it our relaxation day. We slept in until 12:40pm! We woke up and went straight to our massage appointment upstairs. We got couple’s deep tissue massage and it was great; especially after our adventuring yesterday.

Afterwards, we had some tea and went to enjoy the sauna. We met a nice young couple who are locals here. They were very cute and had thick, soothing, South African accents. They told us about local surfing and hot spots since the guy was a surfer. They also told us about a place in Thailand where freelancers can work (with good internet) and eat for cheap as they travel. How cool! They said that they were considering it in the future as they are both graphic design artists.

Anyways, from here we decided to shower and get dressed to head across the street to the food and wine show. We didn’t necessarily try anything super exotic but we tried German bratwurst which was actually pretty good and reminded me of the warthog we tried the other night. We also tried a selection of samosas, which were alright but nothing amazing, as well as butter chicken curry. Unfortunately, we cannot bring wine home in our carry-on so we got the card of the best vendor we tried so that we can order some online once we are home.


Once we tried a few wine vendors, food, and looked at decorated cakes, we went to the V&A Waterfront to try to find the aquarium Well we got side tracked by the shops and realized that there was only 20-30 minutes before closing time. So we headed over to the Cape Grace Hotel and had cream tea (supposedly the best in the area). It too was about to close it’s high tea services as high tea ends at 6 but they were very accommodating and kind and allowed us to order. We got earl grey tea with powdered scones that came with jam, cream, and a sweet lemon spread. The cream wasn’t quite England’s clotted cream but it was pretty similar and still tasted amazing layered on the scones with jam.


IMG_0562The hotel was super fancy and once we were done, we went back to the shops quickly before heading back to the hotel. Since we had nothing else going on, we decided to head back across the street to enjoy the less crowded final hour of the food and wine show.

This time around we tried potato chips on a stick (salt and vinegar of course). A man at a nearby vendor picked on me a little though because usually those are eaten by children at an event like this. Oh well. He said I could get away from it since we aren’t from around here. We also tried some BBQ sticky buns and spring rolls that were very good. Our final tasting was for whiskey. We went to the Johnnie Walker station where they had a whole historical tour paired with the tasting. It was actually really well done and set up beautifully. The whole mini tour was interactive and we tasted a few (strong) whiskeys to finish it off. At the end, Joey and I went to head out and noticed some women running a large fudge cart. Well we got talking and they complimented my name and our accents, which was pretty cool, and gave us a ton of free fudge! They were so sweet and we exchanged information so we could possibly get in touch again.

Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel, made a game plan for tomorrow, and watched 10,000 BC before bed.


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