Trip to Africa – Day 5 in Cape Town

June 5, 2017

Today was our last day in Cape Town. We packed last night and woke up around 5am to head to Simon’s Town for our Great White shark tour to seal island.

The drive was a little scary at first as we were driving along some cliffs in the dark. It wasn’t long before we were boarding the boat and heading off to sea. Every other passenger on board was from the States (aside from one couple from England).


On the way out we saw a huge pod of common dolphins in the sunrise. Some were only a few feet from the boat, jumping and playing in our wake. The ride was fairly smooth and reminded me of going boating when I was a kid.

Within 30 minutes we were at seal island and boy were they loud and smelly. They actually sounded like a bunch of sheep. Before long we put out the seal decoy to tow behind the boat. While we were waiting for some action seals were jumping and swimming in groups by the boat. They totally looked like sea serpents in and out of the waves.


So in the half second we looked over at the island, a shark breached on the decoy! Joey and I were able to see it land back in the water though. It was so cool but it happened so quickly! ¬†Unfortunately that was the only breach of the day. Later though we did see one swim by the boat while the man from England was in the cage. It literally appeared out of nowhere which is insanely scary. They’re difficult to see as well because of their camouflage coloring.

Our skipper said that it was about 3 meters long which is apparently about as small as they get but but I still thought it was fairly large and scary. We didn’t end up getting in the cage though. At first we were hesitance because both the water and the air were frigidly cold but then the diver told us it was very difficult to see the shark when he was in the cage. That’s when we decided, along with everyone else, that it was better to just stay on the dry boat in our warm coats.

We ended up snacking on sandwiches and being rocked to sleep a few times by the gentle waves and sunny skies. On the way back we unfortunately didn’t see any more dolphins but we did see and photograph a bird that was flying with our boat. Eventually, one of the crew members gave it a piece of chum off of a knife.


From here we headed to Kalk Bay one last time to try the Harbor House restaurant to try some fresh fish. They’re view was amazing! The interior was also very classy. I sat next to the window / sliding door (which the waiter kindly opened for us) and got to see and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks.

The food from this place was absolutely delicious! I ordered kingklip over potatoes with green beans. It was so good! Our waiter was very friendly and was excited for us about Cheetah Experience.

The view from my seat at the restaurant

We ate very quickly and went to the hotel to grab our bags and head to the airport. We hung out for a bit and browsed the wine and souvenirs before finding out that our flight was delayed by two hours! I took the opportunity to buy some Cape Town post cards, have some coffee, and finally fix the photo-viewing issue on my computer. All of my photos had been locked and unable to view but I fixed it all by myself and I’m very proud of doing so.

Once we landed in Bloemfontein, Matt from Cheetah Experience picked us up and drove us to the farm where we settled in for the night to get some sleep before our first day tomorrow.


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