Africa Trip – Day 5 Cheetah Experience

June 10, 2017

More pictures, less talking.

As Juno was quickly becoming one of my favorite cheetahs, I made sure to be ready and done with chores as soon as possible so I could secure her bowl for cheetah feed. IMG_5789

During my free time, a volunteer who has been her before named Becca arrived with lion toys that she had carried all through the airport and on the plane! That’s dedication. It was so cool seeing how the staff members were excited for her arrival. I hope someday when I return I can have a welcoming like that.

Around 11 or so I was scheduled to shadow a tour with Colette. I put on a Cheetah Experience vest, looking very official, but unfortunately nobody came to our tour.

IMG_5809Later in the afternoon Joey and I had babysitting duty with the three cubs Gemini, Phoenix, and Hazel. We played for a really long time, using a rope with a chew bone at the end. They went bonkers over it! Hazel mostly watched quietly but jumped at it a few times.


Joey and I took turns using the toy and while he was playing, I sat with Hazel and she half-climbed into my lap for a little cuddle which just melted my heart. I tried mimicking the purring noises that Poofy had made with the other servals and Hazel responded really well to it! Her eyes would light up and she’d look up at me in interest. I think that might be what secured me some cuddle time. It was crazy just seeing how much energy they have! They really didn’t get tired even as we were leaving. Thankfully, the times worked out perfectly as when we started our babysitting shift, everyone else began gutting chickens. Apparently, Saturday is chicken day but we had no idea what time the chickens would be arriving. It just all worked out so perfectly!


Once we were done babysitting for an hour or so, we went to the meat area to see if they needed any help with the chickens. Thankfully they were only in the clean up stage so that’s what we helped with. We pulled out the tables from the meat room and mopped as well as wiping everything down. It didn’t take long but it was kind of gross as the floor was covered in blood and feathers.

We went to, of course, spend more time with the wolves and made sure to spend a little time petting Callista because of her crazy in-heat need for attention. IMG_5971

Towards the end of the day, Joey, Grace, and I went to visit Faith and Eden. This was Joey’s first introduction to them so I was a bit excited for him. It was so adorable, Faith walked right up to him and pushed her head into his arms! It was amazing seeing her greet him like that and seeing how much he enjoyed it. Moments like these were frequent and amazing at Cheetah Experience.IMG_5883

Before heading in for the night we asked the staff if we could have tomorrow off rather than Monday since tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary. After making a few minor changes to the schedule they made it work for us! So we went back to our unit, watched movie in bed (which I fell asleep to multiple times) before going to sleep and hopefully sleeping in a bit tomorrow.


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